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A Day in St Andrews: Part 1

By février 21, 2017St Andrews
visiting St Andrews 18th hole The Open 2016
All golfers dream of visiting the hallowed turf in St Andrews, the Home of Golf, where the game was born centuries ago. Every 5 years, we all watch in awe as the golfing greats stride the magnificent fairways and iconic amphitheatre of the Old Course.

Of course, tournaments always bring with them a thrill and sense of excitement, but even without the Open Championship, St Andrews is a truly inspiring place. As the birthplace of the game and so many greats, the town has grown with and because of golf – it’s the one place you can expect every second person to be walking around in the middle of town with golf shoes on or picking up the daily groceries with a golf bag thrown over their shoulder.

Visiting St Andrews

With over 650,000 visitors each year, it’s clear that St Andrews is an essential pilgrimage in the life of every golfer. So why wait so long? I mean, what better way to encourage a junior golfer than to let them experience the magic of St Andrews as young Tom Morris once did? That’s exactly what we’ll be doing later this year when we welcome all of our junior campers to Mypro Golf in St Andrews. When the juniors arrive at camp, we’ll be giving them the full tour of the town and all the great things it has to offer but, for now, let’s just get a little feel for what it’s like here in St Andrews. Known locally as the Auld Grey Toon (but not so grey actually), St Andrews is a very dynamic and vibrant place. It has just 17,000 permanent inhabitants but another 8,000 students and plenty more tourists too. All of this creates the perfect blend of tradition, energy and excitement, which helps to give St Andrews a truly special atmosphere. As most of us know, the favourite past time of anyone in St Andrews is golf. Therefore it seems fitting that The Old Course, and a further 6 courses, are quite literally a central part of the town and at most it’s just a 5 minute walk from the 18th green of The Old Course to the town centre!

The R&A

As the birthplace of golf, St Andrews is still at the centre of the games development. The Royal & Ancient is the authority that sets the Rules of Golf that the rest of the golfing world (excluding the US and Mexico) adheres to. Based in an incredible building by the first tee of The Old Course, The Royal & Ancient Golf Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the world. Last year we were lucky enough to get access to go and have a look! There are lockers for the golfing greats like Arnold Palmer and golf balls with the names of all the presidents of the club. Some of them are even made from gold, meaning that the president was a member of the Royal family. Inside the ‘Big Room’ you have the most incredible view that feels like it goes on for miles. With the 1st and 18th holes of The Old Course stretching out in front of the building we couldn’t help but wonder how great it would be to sit here during The Open Championship!

The Open Championship

Aside from writing the rules of golf, The R&A also oversee the staging of one of golf’s greatest events, The Open Championship. Every 5 years when The Open Championship is hosted in St Andrews, the population of the town grows from a modest 17 000 people to over 100,000 – the atmosphere is electric! The grand stands rise around the 1st tee and behind the 18th green and at once the world’s most infamous amphitheatre emerges. The next 4 Open venues have now been announced, with St. Andrews likely to host the 150th Open Championship in 2021. We’ll definitely be there! Will you?