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A Golf Story

It all started with 2 people…
… who’ve been involved in golf their whole life.


Patrick is half-English, half-German. He graduated with a First Class Honors Degree in Applied Golf Management and turned pro when he was 21. A former coach at St Andrews Links, Patrick is a talented PGA professional who’s helped many golfers to become better.


Camille is French. She graduated with a degree in English and a Masters in Marketing & Communication. She’s also a serious golfer. When she was a teenager, Camille used to spend her summers in St Andrews, at a golf camp that once existed. Originally attending the camp as a junior, she later worked there as a supervisor.

The Beginning

In 2014, Mypro Golf Camp was created. Since then, hundreds of junior golfers have come from all over the world to attend the camp.


Patrick, Head Pro at the camp, developed an amazing and in-depth coaching programme adapted specifically to junior golfers. The results are outstanding, ask our juniors!


Camille, who’s been a junior before, knows exactly what a young golfer expects from a golf camp. Her vision and precious experience are what make Mypro Golf Camp a very unique summer camp.

“Our two sons based in London and aged 14 and 16 have just spent and loved their 2 weeks with Mypro Golf Camp in St Andrews for the second year in a row: a top-class golfing experience, a flawless organisation from start to finish and very caring staff attending to all the children’s needs round the clock. A huge thank you to Camille and Patrick for their very warm and efficient work ethic. Very much appreciated. We’ll see you again next year! Merci beaucoup! Danke schön!”
-Nicole W. Parent from England-

Our mission is to inspire and ignite a passion for learning in every young golfer, by delivering an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime

Mypro Golf Camp is looking forward to welcoming former and new junior golfers in 2021!
Patrick, founder of Mypro Golf
Camille, founder of Mypro Golf
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